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Dear Dr. Putt:

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Short Game Swing and Full Swing Basics for Beginners

Dear Dr. Putt:
I have just recently taken up the wonderful sport of golf. So far I have played about ten rounds and I am quite happy with my progress so far. My iron play is great as long as I can take a full swing. However, if I have to take less than a full swing, I'm all over the map. Any tips for that? Also, I have problems with hitting the driver consistently. Mostly slicing, although there is an occasional hook. I love your site, I think that some of your putting tips and green reading tips are going to shave several strokes from my game. Thanks for your help.

My Dear Ryan,

Welcome to the wonderful world of golf! In the process of learning about playing the game you will learn a lot about yourself, if you pay careful attention! And as you improve your game you will also improve yourself, again, if you pay careful attention as you go.


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