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Dear friends:

Dr. Putt hopes that golf has provided a welcome and deserved distraction as you have tried to come to terms with the horrors of this fall. It took Dr. Putt almost a month to even venture back onto the course himself. On his first attempt, he walked off the course after three holes. Certainly all the intense emotions of the day made the game of golf seem trivial. But while we must never forget the loss, we owe it to the nation to go on with life and golf.

The late summer/early fall newsletter Dr. Putt had planned was put off till now. Business and your golf questions virtually stopped for awhile. Perhaps this was a good thing, as Dr. Putt was spending all his time working with his university students trying to understand the events emotionally and intellectually in his other life as a college professor. That life came first.

Nevertheless, in the months since the last newsletter, you have sent some interesting questions, some of which have been published on-line. Thanks for that.

In this Newsletter:

1) Newsletter Putting Tip

2) Reviews of Dave Pelzís "Putting Bible" and the "Double Connexion"

3) Things to come in "Dear Dr. Putt"

4) Holiday Gift Ideas for others and yourself


1) Newsletter Tip

What should you be thinking as you execute the putting stroke? Ideally, nothing. You want your body to do what it has learned to do through countless repetitions. But of course, that is hard to do.

So next best is to think of the feeling you had as you made some successful putt in the past Ė see the ball falling in the hole.

But positive mental images can easily be replaced by negative ones. Therefore, use your conscious mind to simply go through a verbal routine to block out any distracting thoughts and help maintain tempo.

Dr. Putt says the following to himself after he lines up the putter with the ball and prepares to execute the stroke. "LOOK," as he looks at the hole, or better yet the blade of grass that the ball will roll over as the ball falls into the hole.

"FOCUS," as he focuses his sight and concentration on the spot of grass just behind the ball through which the center of the putter blade (and the EOB putting sphere) will soon pass.

"STROKE," as he executes the stroke in rhythm with the tempo that he is saying these words.

"LISTEN," as he poses at the end of the stroke (which should be longer than the backswing), listening for the pleasant "plunk" of the ball in the hole.


2) Reviews

If you have not visited "Dear Dr. Putt" recently, take a look at two recent reviews. A review of Dave Pelzís "Putting Bible" should help all of you who want to understand the ideal stroke path, how to read break, and how to find your best putting rhythm. Although Dr. Putt had mostly compliments for Pelzís path-breaking work, he had a few quibbles as well on matters such as the "yips."

View at http://drputt.com/deardrputt/PuttingBible.php

Unless you hit the ball as well on the course as on the range, you could use some work on the mental side of golf. Carey Mumford has some really sound ideas on how to take your game from the range to the course, reviewed by Dr. Putt!

View at the Dear Dr. Putt page: http://drputt.com/deardrputt/deardrputt.php

and then scroll down to "Book Review: The Double Connexion" and click!


3) Things to come

In the months to come, Dr. Putt will explore the world of alternative golf swings and golf grips. There are a lot of different swings out there that proponents see as superior to the classic swing and grip used by most professionals today. Are they better? Can they improve your game? Stay tuned and find out!


4) Holiday gift idea

Thanks to all of you from all of us at Dr. Putt for a wonderful year. You may have noticed that we have done so well that we were able to reduce our retail price and shipping charge a few months ago.

As the holiday season approaches, consider giving your favorite golfer or playing partner or even yourself fewer strokes year round with the EOB aiming and alignment device and putting system.

This year you can get fewer strokes for less! You can link directly to our order page at


Have a safe, peaceful, and joyous holiday season!

If you no longer want to receive this newsletter or if somehow you got multiple copies, just reply and let Dr. Putt know. We promise that we do not and will not sell or give your email address to anyone Ė period!

On the other hand, if you have friends who would like to get this newsletter, forward it to them and send Dr. Putt their email addresses so he can add them to the list.


Dr. Putt