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Dear friends:

Dr. Putt wishes all of you a Happy New Year and wants to thank all of you for making his first year a success. In the past year we have solved such mysteries as "plumb bobbing" and the difference between panic and choking.

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If you have not visited the Dr. Putt site recently, you may want to look at a couple of interesting recent letters that Dr. Putt posted at Dear Dr. Putt:

* "Marking the Ball" tells how pros, including Tiger, draw a line on the ball to help them aim.

View at http://www.drputt.com/deardrputt/marking-ball.php

* "Putting Routine and Marking the Ball" is a wonderful suggestion from a reader on how to build a putting routine on the aiming technique in "marking the ball."

View at http://www.drputt.com/deardrputt/putting-routine1.php

Here are a couple of things to do if you live in a cold climate and cannot get out to putt or play this winter. (They also work in warm climates!)


1) Dedicate the winter to stretching and strengthening.

Create a stretching routine for yourself and do it religiously each day. Dr. Putt stretches 15 minutes each morning right after getting out of bed. It is a great habit that not only improves flexibility, but also clears the head for the day's activities. Strengthen your hands and wrists by simply making a tight fist and then opening the hand as wide as possible. Do as many times as you can and then go to the other hand till tired. If time, perform the exercise with each hand twice. This can be done in the car on the way to work (it's safer than using a cell phone) or at the desk when you need a little mental break. It is a good tension reducer and also get the blood flowing. Dr. Putt also does this when he begins to feel sleepy at the desk or at the wheel on long trips.


2) Practice your turn in front of a mirror each day.

While most players begin the backswing with their shoulders, there are many keys to triggering the downswing (the shoulders, the belly, the hips, the knees, the left heel). Regardless of which key you use, work on keeping the feeling over the winter. Simply stand in front of a full-length mirror, cross the hands on your chest, and slowly execute the turn. Start very slow and work you way up to full speed. Make sure you execute a full turn, start down slowly, and pose at the end with a good weight shift. Make sure that the head does not sway forward on the downswing - stay behind the ball. Come March or April, the swing will not feel like a new adventure for you. Dr. Putt does at least 20 repetitions in front of a mirror almost daily.

3) Putt over the quarter.

In the letter, "Anxiety and the case of the shrinking hole," Dr. Putt suggests a drill that is a great winter exercise. Rather than use one of those mechanical cups on the rug at home, use a coin as a target. The idea is to not only hit the coin, but to have the ball stop a little over a foot past the coin. This will make the hole seem really large when you get back to the course and will also help you strike the ball at optimal speed. When a quarter gets too easy, try a dime putt!


While other dot.com's are biting the dust, Dr. Putt is here for the duration. He enjoys answering your letters and plans to be of service for years and years to come.

Taking it one year at a time, just as we should play one shot at a time, in the near future Dr. Putt will have special columns that include a movie review of "The Legend of Bagger Vance" and a complete step-by-step timed description of Tiger's set-up routine.

Again, thanks for your letters, and of course for your orders of the EOB Putting System that have enabled Dr. Putt to continue his column. Dr. Putt wishes you all fewer putts in the coming year!


Dr. Putt

For all your putting problems, visit Dr. Putt at http://www.drputt.com The doctor is always in!

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