Dear Friends,

Dr. Putt will share the best putting idea he has run across this past year. This is a really easy way to fine tune getting the line on the ball aimed where you want.

If you line up your putter with the line that most of us draw on the golf ball these days, having that line exactly aimed where you want is critical. Making a putt is a matter of a fraction of an inch, as we all know. Here is an easy way to check that line as you are crouched behind the ball.

Before you pick up your ball mark, hold your putter shaft above the ball so that it is parallel to the line on the ball and sight down it to see where you are actually aimed. Dr. Putt has seen that he is often an inch or two off from where he thought he was aimed. Adjust the ball, sight down the shaft again. When you have it right, pick up your ball mark knowing that if you hit the ball where it is aimed, you will be on the intended line.

A really simple idea that adds precision to aiming! Try it -- you may be amazed!

Dr. Putt is trying out the swing and swing aids and videos from the Graves Golf Academy, which took over Natural Golf this past year. You may know that Natural Golf was the company that tried to market the swing of golf legend Moe Norman. So far the Graves GOlf Academy idea of the single plane swing seems an improvement over the Natural Golf method and seems promising as Dr. Putt is getting it grooved in and moving it from the practice range to the course. They offer a lot of free videos and "webinars" that are very useful in understanding the details of the swing. They make a convincing case the Steve Stricker's swing is quite close to the single plane swing. In any case, next time Dr. Putt will do a review of GGA single plane swing method. You may want to take a look at them on-line if you are dissatisfied with your current swing. You can find them at

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Dr. Putt