Attaching the EOB golf training aid device

The EOB Putting Device, a golf training aid for putting instruction and play, should be located in the cavity of the putter so that the arrow shaped sighting slot in the top of the device points to the "sweet spot" on the putter face. If your putter has markings scored or painted in the top edge of the face to mark the sweet spot, make sure that they do indeed mark the sweet spot. Many putters are mismarked. You can tell if the mark is correct by a rather simple process. Hold the putter by the grip with two fingers and tap the face with an unsharpened pencil. When you strike the face in the spot where the putter head does not twist, you have located the sweet spot. If yours is mismarked, you should remark it. A painted line can be sanded off, but you may have to use a file to remove a scored line. This is important, even if you do not use the EOB Putting System and Device!

For initial practice and trying out the EOB Putting Device, you may want to mount the device using the provided double-sided tape. To use it on a permanent basis, epoxy the device to rear cavity using the provided epoxy. The golf training aid for putting instruction and play is designed to fit into the cavity of many popular putters like the Ping Anser 2. However, on some putters you may have to file off a little of the rear of the base of the putting device if it extends beyond the rear of the putter to conform with USGA rules. This will depend on the depth of the cavity on your putter. This can be easily done with a rough finger nail file or wood or metal file.

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