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Benefits of the EOB golf putting system and device

The EOB golf putting system will help you in many ways:

* Take half the guesswork out of your putting.

* Make you feel that four footers are easy and ten footers likely.

* Build confidence so you look forward to putting rather than dread it.

* You will make more putts more consistently than ever before.

* Learn from your misses and make instant corrections.

* You will become a consistently good putter with minimal practice.

* Significantly improve your score by saving strokes on the green.

* You will develop a satisfying and constructive philosophy about putting.

How can the EOB Golf Putting System and Device help you accomplish all of these goals? The EOB System and Device will make you a better putter than you already are because:

* The built-in sighting device places your Eyes Over the Ball line (which is the line extending from the target through the ball) every time you stand over a putt.

* Having your Eyes Over the Ball line allows you to see the path to the hole more accurately and more consistently.

* Aligning with two spheres (the ball and the spherical EOB device) helps you visualize the path to the hole.

* Aligning the two spheres helps you aim the putt correctly.

* Your feet will always be the same distance from the ball leading to a more consistent feeling stroke and more consistent on-center ball striking.

* The EOB Device enhances your ability to see the path the putter head travels as it moves behind and through the ball--this helps you hit where you aim.

* Seeing the EOB Device move through the ball creates consistent contact with the sweet spot on your putter--without really trying.

* Immediate visual feedback improves your stroke as you play.

* Reducing inconsistency in alignment and stroke reduces your errors, freeing your mind to creatively focus on the art of reading break and speed.

* Consciously following the steps in the system blocks out negative thoughts you have about stroke mechanics.

* You will not sink all of your putts using the EOB System. Even the best players sometimes miss 2 and 3 foot putts.

* However, with this golf putting system you will miss far fewer short putts and make more of the 6 to 10 footers that really help you score well.

* Moreover, when you do miss, you understand why you missed--probably before the ball reaches the hole. That improves your chances the next time.


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