The golf instruction book: Five Steps to Better Putting
ISBN 0-934580-90-1

This fully illustrated golf instruction book on putting, written in easy to understand language, takes you through the preliminarties, including grip, stance, where to play the ball, distance from the ball, and swing tempo. It discusses the importance of developing a putting routine, and makes suggestions for the essential elements of a good routine. It guides you through each of the five steps of the EOB putting system. The book helps you prepare for each round of golf by showing you how to quickly build a "feeling gauge" for distance and build confidence before heading to the first tee. It provides a trouble shooting section that includes diagnostics and corrections. It has a number of drills that will help you use the system and make putting fun. Finally, it helps you develop a healthy philosophy of putting so that you will get more out of the art of golf. The book ends with a complete pictoral review of each of the five steps.

The author, Dr. Robert E. Botsch, former collegiate golf coach and instructor, has authored a number of other books, book chapters, and journal articles, as well as numerous newspaper articles in his other life as a professional social scientist. He was recognized in 1988 by the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education as one of the top ten college professors in the nation. Any confusion between "Dr. Bob" and Dr. Putt is purely coincidental, though Dr. Putt did make significant contributions to this golf instruction book on putting.

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