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Putting Philosophy Behind the EOB Putting System and Device

The putting system and patented putting aid were developed by a frustrated college professor who had once coached collegiate golf. He needed putting help. He had read all the books, knew all the theories, and had even taught them to students in his golf class. Despite all this, he was a terrible putter who was at best mediocre--even when he practiced every day. But that was impossible--for him and most real people! When he gave up coaching and teaching golf to devote more time to his real academic career in the social sciences and to his young and growing family, he knew putting would once again become a nightmare when he was able to get to the course once a week or so.

A lifelong tinkerer as well as a trained scholar and researcher, he put his BS in math and physics and PhD in social science to work in search of a solution. The solution had to stay within two difficult and sometimes conflicting constraints.

**It had to be simple so that anyone could use it with minimal practice.

**It had to be grounded in fundamental well-established principles of good putting.

Of course, given that some principles of putting are in conflict, this meant that choices had to be made. Five major principles ultimately guided the system.

1. Sight the line of the putt from the rear, as Harvey Penick advised in his Little Red Book.

2. Place the eyes directly over the line of the putt and slightly behind the ball.

3. Execute the stroke on as straight a line as possible.

4. The putting stroke should be executed in one piece so that the putter is nothing more than an extension of the arms.

5. The putting system should be built into a repetitive routine to maximize consistency and help block out negative thoughts.

The problem then became how to most accurately sight from the rear, how to consistently get the eyes in the correct position, and how to execute a simple repetitive one-piece stroke. Through observation, trial and error, and more observation, the frustrated golfer/social scientist eventually came upon a solution. He developed a putting device that provides putting help through a putting system that works--in practice AND in actual play. And he wrote an easy-to-read putting book to explain it all.

Perhaps the best part is the EOB System doesn't take that much time. You can easily master the fundamentals in a couple of hours. After that, only a few minutes every week will keep you reasonably sharp. EOB builds a simple repeating putting stroke with few moving parts. It will stand up under pressure.

Most of us are not golf professionals. We don't make a living at golf. We can't spend hours every day practicing. If you love golf and want to be as good as you can but have other responsibilities, then the EOB System and Device are especially for you -- putting help is on the way!

Do you want to know exactly where you are aiming the putt and then consistently hit it where you aim? It's Guaranteed! You have nothing to lose--except strokes.

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