golf putters with which the EOB putting aid-device can be used

Unlike many alignment putting aids for golf putters, the EOB Putting Device does not require that you buy a new golf putter in most cases. The EOB Putting Device may be attached to any toe-heel weighted cavity backed golf putter with a cavity large enough to accommodate the base of the device (1 11/16 inches in width, the same as the diameter of a golf ball). This includes most popular cavity back golf putters on the market today, such as the Ping putters. Because the EOB Putting Device is extremely light, it will not significantly change the swingweight of the putter.

Although the cavity ideally should be flat, a slightly rounded cavity will also accommodate the EOB Putting Device. The double-sided tape or epoxy will fill in the space between the cavity of golf putters and the base of the putting aid.

several golf putters with the EOB putting aid-device resting in the cavity

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