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 Can you see the line?

Here is a simple test to learn if you are seeing the line from the ball to the hole and then lining up the putterhead perpendicular to that line. We could do it electronically online, but that is less realistic than having a three dimensional test.

You need the following: 1) a quarter and two dimes 2) a large paperclip, and  3) a straight edge like a yardstick or a broom handle.

Sit at a table and place one dime on the table a little in front of your head. This represents the golf ball. Then place the quarter at arms length to your left (if your are right handed), and to your right (if you are left handed). Yes, you guessed it--this is the hole. And the paperclip is the putterhead. Place it so that you think it is perpendicular to the line of the putt. The check to see how much off you were by laying the straight edge between the center of the quarter and the dime.

If you placed the paperclip correctly, it will be perpendicular with the straight edge. Chances are that if you do this several times, moving the quarter and dime around a bit each time, you will find that you make significant errors.

Now perform the test by standing up and positioning your eyes directly over the dime. Your error should be reduced. That is why you should always have your eyes directly over the line of the putt. (The EOB device will help you do this every time.)

What about the second dime? Here is where it comes in. Do the test again, but now move so that you are looking from behind the dime and the quarter. Place the second dime behind the paperclip and adjust its position so that it is lined up with the first dime and the quarter. Then it becomes a simple matter to place the paperclip so that it is perfectly correct.

If that second dime were attached to the back of the paperclip and you lined it up with the first dime and the quarter the from the rear, you would see the correct line and have the paperclip perpendicular to that line every time! (The EOB device is the second dime. When you attach it to your putter and sight from the rear, you will see the line every time. And the putter will be correctly positioned every time.)

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