A golf lesson on putting:

The EOB putting system

A most important golf lesson is that you need a routine for every shot, including putts. You need to stick to the routine and have confidence in it. The EOB putting system is built around a five step routine:

1. Reading the Green. This is the fun part of putting--provided that you can hit the ball on the line you intend at the speed you want. Because most people fail at direction and speed, reading the green is almost a useless exercise. With the EOB Putting System you will strike the golf ball along the line you intended at about the speed you want. This allows you to focus your thinking and imagination on the art of reading the green. The golf putting instruction book that comes with the EOB Putting Device gives the fundamental things you should think about in reading the green.

2. Feeling the Distance: Rehearsal. The secret to getting the distance right is building a distance feeling gauge before you play while on the practice green. The EOB System tells you how to do this in less than a minute. Then you apply the technique before each putt. Once this information is stored in short-term muscle memory, you are ready for the next step. Your distance control will improve--guaranteed!

3. Putter Alignment: Sighting from the Rear. This step is based on Harvey Penick's advice to read the line of the putt from the rear--a great putting lesson and golf lesson. If you think about sighting a rifle, this makes sense. Here is where you apply the green reading you did in step 1. The EOB Device makes this much easier than with the blade alone.

4. Stance and Grip. The EOB Device has a built-in sighting mechanism that ensures your eyes are over the putting line as you take your stance. The more consistent your body position, the more consistent your stroke will be. The stance in the EOB Putting System involves some simple geometry that greatly improves you ability to see the putting line while looking at the ball. That is no small feat. Consider the difficulty of shooting free throws in basketball while looking at the ball rather then the rim! (The EOB system exploits this insight in other ways.) While the EOB Putting System may be used with any grip (such as the traditional reverse overlap, cross-handed, or the Langer-style grip), a new putting grip is presented that combines key features of several other grips. With a grip that allows feel and ensures that the putter becomes an extension of the arms and with a stance that has proper geometric alignment, all you have to do is execute the stroke you rehearsed.

5. Execution: Look, Focus, Stroke, and Listen. Most people look at the wrong things the wrong way for the wrong length of time when executing the putting stroke. The EOB system corrects these errors. The EOB Device helps you stroke the putter along the intended line by giving you visual feedback while executing your stroke. You will know instantly--without looking up-- whether you made the stroke along the intended line.

Once you have gone through these five simple steps, which take about 30 seconds in all, you will have done all that is humanly possible to sink the putt. If you do miss, you will know why. You will know if you executed the stroke correctly. You will know if you misread the green or speed, because with the EOB System the ball will roll along the intended path--and learn for next time--incrementally improving your green reading skills. You may still miss because of fate--the invisible rub of the green, the roll of the ball over what Dave Peltz called the "lumpy doughnut." This you cannot ever completely control. You must accept and go on with your head high. This philosophical stance is an inherent part of the EOB putting system. But having reduced the variation in stance and stroke and having greatly improved visualizing and executing the stroke along the intended line--you will make more putts--many more putts--guaranteed! Any good golf lesson or putting lesson should help you reduce variation.

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