Testimonials for the EOB Putting Device
and Putting System

Listen to what some of those who use the EOB putting device and system are saying:

"I made putts that I couldn't have last year and some of the people that I played with couldn't believe it. When I would make a putt I would say "Thanks Dr. Putt" and they would say, Dr. Putt? Who is that? I told them to look you up on the web site. I don't know if they did or not, but if they didn't, then they were the losers. Thanks Dr. Putt." Jim Severson, e-mail message

"I played collegiate golf at Rutgers and was always a pretty good putter. After I attached the EOB putting device to my putter I am putting better than ever. The really great thing is that I now know where I am aimed and am confident that I will stroke the ball where I want to. Now all I worry about is reading the break and distance." Davis F., Beaufort, SC

Several weeks ago I purchased your EOB putting device and book.... (It) has changed my outlook on golf. My handicap is 10 and I have been as low as 5 during the 40 years I have played. I have never been a good putter and always disliked practicing this phase of the game since the results never seemed to improve. I have taken lessons from numerous pros. Some were helpful with my swing but none did anything worthwhile for my putting technique. Three footers were scary as hell and six footers were almost sure to require two putts. Man, has that ever changed. At first, the new (EOB) grip seemed awkward but still immediately improved things. After a bit of practice, it made a tremendous difference. Now, I look forward to practicing putting. Three footers are expected to fall and six footers are usually made. I am no longer surprised to see 20 footers fall during practice or on the course...The bottom line is that I now enjoy putting and, for the first time, I truly get excited about sinking a lengthy putt during a round. My handicap is coming down now thanks to EOB and I tell everyone that the money I spent purchasing the system from you is the best investment possible to improve one's game. Thanks again, John Long, Port Richey FL

"I am just a beginner and didn't have a clue about putting. But with the EOB system putting is easy. I know where the ball is going when I hit it. Now, if I could just use it for driving!" Carol J, Greensboro, NC

"wanted to let you know that I just received your putting aid a few days ago. I had a chance to read through some of your book (not finished yet) and tried your cross handed grip briefly downstairs in the basement just to get a feel for the stroke. I tried it today during a real round of golf and it really helped me a lot. I felt comfortable and confident on my short putts especially, and made a few six to eight footers to save a couple of holes...Your product seems to be working for me. Thank You !" Thomas Zanoni, Shirley, NY

"Love your column, love your alignment device, and love your methods! I tried the device on my Ping putter and it helped me see the line better immediately. Then I tried your grip and method and I am putting better than ever. I also really really appreciate your anwering my questions. Too many people make the sale and then forget about the customer. You give great service after the sale, and I am telling all my friends about you. Love ya! Roger S., Denver, CO

"I always felt that I had a good putting stroke. As a boy I learned to put with my eyes well inside the line of the put. After missing a lot of 3 to 5 footers I had became very unsure of my stroke. Many people told me put my eyes over the ball to see the line better. However, it was uncomfortable for me to put my eyes over the ball, it just did not feel right. When I saw the EOB system I ordered it. Working with the EOB system it made me put my eyes over the ball. After a little practice I can now comfortably put my eyes over the ball, see the line and rely on my stroke to put it in. I am now sure of the line and 5 footers are no problem. Thanks," Dave Sheib

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